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14 January 2009 @ 07:12 pm
Icons: Star Trek, Cartoons & Misc  
I haven't posted my most recent icons yet, so here are at least the ones which I still find okay. I had this entry prepared for some time already. Most of them are Star Trek TOS related, but I think you won't find this the least surprising, right? ;o)

  • Star Trek TOS:  Spock x9, Spock and others x5, Sarek x1
  • Cartoons and Misc:  x8

Icons TV Shows

Star Trek TOS

Icons Cartoons and Misc

Images: Millan.net, TrekCore, my own screencaps, unknown sources (hard drive)
Brushes: my own
Textures: ownthesunshine, Tre-Xture, my own

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1. Credit is not required but appreciated.
2. Textless icons are no bases.
3. No hotlinking! Never ever! Otherwise the Cookie Monster will eat you.
4. Enjoy. :o)