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02 January 2013 @ 04:49 pm
2013 Scrapbook  
Think about the year that has passed. All the memories, the entries and posts that made the year special. Think about all your past layouts, default icons, mood themes or whatever you consider worth remembering. The 2013 Scrapbook Post is a way to help you remember all of that, in a single post.

That's what you will find here: my equipment and desktops, currents, my monthly favourites, links to picspams, links to entries worth remembering (my own as well as posts from others), lists, my default userpics, screenshots of past layouts, new discoveries, books I've read and the yearly resolutions which I won't keep anyway.


Chewie: My desktop computer with 4 GB RAM, 2x2.7 GHz dual core processor and 1 TB hard drive. May he live long and prosper and be less capricious than his predecessor.

The Matrix: Windows XP Pro SP3

Flagship: Mozilla Firefox 25.0 with currently 36 enabled extensions

Kaylee: 320 GB 3.5" external hard drive, saved my day when Saxon (my old PC) kicked my bum once agxain.

Emile: 320 GB 2.5" external hard drive, powered via USB. For very special pleasures.

Hawkeye: 19" widescreen Dell TFT monitor, deeply loved after some issues in the beginning.

Speedy: My Microsoft mouse, black like the night and hopefully looking forward to a long life.

Spock: My old Minolta digicam. Quite a diva, stubborn and very independent. Doesn't accept me as its captain and wants to be left alone most of the time (aka empties batteries within mere minutes).

Hesperus: My second digicam (Canon), cheap and not very good, but okay for close-up photos.

The Tricorder: My HP scanner back from the Stone Age. Scans everything I feed it with.

Hubble: My first reading glasses (since January 2013). We don't like each other very much, but I can finally explore deep space books properly again.

Lots of green, white, herbal and spice tea, occasionally supported by Earl & Lady Grey: Mostly flavoured blends (green and white), with and without milk. I don't function properly without my daily dosage of at least one litre.

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QTAddressBar and QTTabBar | Seven Remix XP | SkyMOD Style UPD | Vista Drive Icon

Additional Tools
Dexpot Virtual Desktops | John's Background Switcher | Stardock ObjectDock (older version) | Taskbar Shuffle | Yellow Icon

Puppy Love | Full View
(since January 2013)

I found this lovely puppy image on /r/aww @ reddit.com and just couldn't resist. It would be perfect if it jumped right out of my monitor onto my lap. A girl can dream... *sigh*
My Way | Full View
(since January 2013)

A new wallpaper from Vladstudio, featuring a somewhat, uhm... unusual little planet. A really cute idea and of course lots of blue
Raring Ringtail | Full View
(since May 2013)

Vladstudio's wallpaper for the recent Ubuntu version. I want to pull that tail and find out to what animal it belongs. A raccoon? Lemur? Curiosity killed the (ring-tailed) cat.

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Currently Reading
Against a Dark Background - by Iain M. Banks
Dogs, Donkeys and Circus Performers - by Janine Jacques
Oogy: The Dog Only a Family Could Love - by Larry Levin

( Darciana @ Goodreads )

Currently Watching
Returning Series
Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - Season 1  (Status: 1x09 "Repairs")
Almost Human - Season 1  (Status: 1x04 "The Bends")
Haven - Season 4  (Status: 4x12 "When the Bough Breaks")
Homeland - Season 3  (Status: 3x10 "Good Night")
Mad Men - Season 5  (Status: 5x03 "Tea Leaves")
Mentalist, The - Season 6  (Status: 6x09 "My Blue Heaven")
NCIS - Season 11  (Status: 11x09 "Gut Check")
Once Upon a Time - Season 3  (Status: 3x09 "Save Henry")
Person of Interest - Season 3  (Status: 3x10 "The Devil's Share")
Revolution - Season 2  (Status: 2x09 "Everyone Says I Love You")

( Darciana @ Follow My TV )

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Monthly Favourites

Puppies!, Brownie, classical music, Calvin & Hobbes, Citizen Dog, Data (Star Trek TNG), science fiction books
Magnus, Mariah & Murphy and their mom Noel, Brownie, books, Calvin & Hobbes, Person of Interest, Data (Star Trek TNG)
The Nuppies and the Pimentos, Brownie and Willow, Person of Interest, Calvin & Hobbes, dogs³, science fiction
The Nuppies and the Pimentos, Brownie and Willow, dogs³, science fiction books, Calvin & Hobbes
Star Trek TNG, Person of Interest, Maddie, Lots of Great Danes, Calvin & Hobbes, science fiction books, Brownie and Willow
Star Trek ENT and TNG, Maddie, Lots of Great Danes, Brownie and Willow, Alastair Reynolds, science fiction, Calvin and Hobbes
Maddie, Lots of Great Danes, science fiction, Brownie and Willow, Calvin & Hobbes, Orphan Black
Maddie, Lots of Great Danes, Sparky!, science fiction (books & telly), Calvin & Hobbes, The Peanuts, The Mentalist
Maddie, Lots of Great Danes, The Mentalist, Simon Baker, Calvin & Hobbes
Scarlot's Eleven, Maddie, The Mentalist, Simon Baker, Person of Interest, Bear ?, Aussie and SF literature, Calvin & Hobbes
Scarlot's Eleven, Maddie, The Mentalist, Person of Interest, books, Calvin & Hobbes
The Great Danes, Maddie, Star Trek Voyager, Tom and B'Elanna, Person of Interest, Benedict Cumberbatch, Calvin & Hobbes

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Memorable Picspams

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Memorable Entries



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2013 Films and Mini-Series | 2013 Short Films | 2013 Concerts and Documentaries | 2013 TV Series
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Graphics & Resources
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About Me | Contact Info | Firefox Add-ons | Telly Favourites | Wishlist

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Default Userpics

Userpic Spaces Available: 272 | Currently Used: 233 | All Userpics

The Peanuts - Forever Friends
(made by me | since August 2nd 2011)

I had my daisy icon for over a year now. Time for a change and back to my beloved Peanuts. This icon is even a little older than the daisy one and was a hot candidate for my default userpic back then, but for some reason I decided against it.
Blue Maddie
(made by me | since June 12th 2013)

I'm in love with Maddie the Coonhound, her patience, balance and Theron Humphrey's creative and sometimes outright hilarious/crazy photo ideas inspired by Maddie's talents.

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The Ghost of Layouts Past

Dolphin Joy | Full View
(stylesheet coding and graphics by me | since Sept. 10th 2007)

This is probably the first layout ever I'm really content with. I thought this would never happen. I won't the change the concept anytime soon, but maybe there'll be new graphics and another colour scheme one day. Maybe not.

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  • none yet

  • none yet

  • none yet

  • none yet

  • Maddie the Coonhound - Funny, silly, crazy and adorable pictures of Maddie, a beautiful shelter dog with a seemingly miraculous sense of balance and extraordinary patience. I'm in love.

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My Bookshelves:  Darciana @ Goodreads
My Wishlists: Science Fiction and Everything Else
2013 Reading Challenge:  35 Books

( 2013 Books & Periodicals )

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  • Buy reading glasses so I can finally read more.   (Will this EVER happen?)
    Yes, it will! I am now a member of the species four-eyes. Oh boy...
  • Read more!   (Looks okay so far. I'm heaving a reading block right now, but I'm pretty sure that'll go away once it gets colder. I'm a winter reader.)
  • Write more reviews on Goodreads.   (I have to work on that one.)
  • Only buy one or two new books (20 € limit) once I've finished 10 of those I already own.
  • Continue to try to lose at least some weight.
  • Paint my room and the hallway.
  • Thoroughly clean my bedroom.
    Done! And rewarded myself with a pretty new bedside table.
  • Clear out the wardrobe and dressers.   (Working on it.)
  • Stop thinking too much and learn how to distract myself in such cases.
  • Be a little more radical in certain situations.
  • Stop making plans which ultimately fail anyway. Like the ones listed here.   (Logic obviously isn't my strong point.)
  • Keep my finally pretty little room clean and tidy.
  • Worship my beloved sofa Karl every day.   (That should come naturally to me.)

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