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11 March 2012 @ 03:29 pm
Concerning Tigers  
I've just started to scan all the single page images from The Complete Clavin and Hobbes. You know, those lovely watercolur paintings, not the comic strips themselves. I promised that to someone but I don't remember who. Anyway, I want to share them with you, and I hope there are some Calvin & Hobbes fans on my friends list. I've already finished scanning Volume 1; Volume 2 and 3 will follow soon and be added to this post.

You can choose between 2 options. The original scans are huge, 3000px or more high/wide. They might be useful for desktop backgrounds or the like. There's also a package with medium sized images (at least 1000px high/wide) which are sufficient for icons or smaller graphics.

1. Please comment if you're taking.
2. Credit should go to the wonderful Bill Watterson. Credit for the scans is not required but appreciated.
3. No hotlinking! Don't repost! Never ever! Otherwise you'll be eaten by the monster under your bed.
4. Enjoy. :o)

Commercial Use
These scans are NOT to be used for any kind of commercial project! Personal usage (desktop wallpapers, icons, journal headers and banners) only.

Scans Cartoons

The Complete Calvin and Hobbes
Images from Vol. 1
15 images, ZIP files

Large (421 MB) | Medium (25 MB)

Images from Vol. 2
16 images, ZIP files

Large (422 MB) | Medium (23 MB)

Images from Vol. 3
18 images, ZIP files

Large (466 MB) | Medium (36 MB)

( Gallery Medium )

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