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11 August 2010 @ 07:34 pm
Goodies Index  
My website Rain Harbour has been closed for over two years now, and I thought it was time to make all the graphics resources and goodies which I've created over the years available again.

1. Please read the rules as stated in each entry.
2. Please comment! I've invested endless hours in making all that stuff. Please show some gratitude.
3. Don't hotlink, avoid direct linking and don't claim anything as your work.
4. Have fun! :o)

Many thanks to the wonderful _snitchbitch @ retrogression.org for hosting my stuff from August 2010 until January 2017.

Commercial Use
Some resources are free for commercial use. Please check each individual entry for details.
LiveJournal icons are NOT to be used for any kind of commercial project!


All brushes are for Photoshop 7+. If they don't work with your image editing software, you can also download an image pack. Check the detailed previews for the content of each set.

Brushes Grunge  (19 sets)
Brushes Miscellaneous  (39 sets)
Brushes Nature  (29 sets)
Brushes Paint  (18 sets)
Brushes Shapes & Structures  (37 sets)

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The gradient sets are for Photoshop 7+, but they're also available as icon sized (100x100) image packs.

Gradients  (6 sets)

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LiveJournal Icons

I'm not an avid icon maker, but every once in a while I post a batch. I make them for personal use, but I don't mind if others *wear* one or more of my unspectacular creations. You can browse them by tags.

All Icon Posts

Icons Cartoons
Icons Films
Icons Mini-Series
Icons Miscellaneous
Icons Nature
Icons People
Icons Science Fiction
Icons Star Trek ENT
Icons Star Trek TNG
Icons Star Trek TOS
Icons Stargate
Icons TV Series

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Paper Scans

This entry contains scans of old paper, stationary and the like. They can be used as textures or stocks, just as you like it.

Paper Scans  (30 scans)

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Other Scans

Everything else my scanner likes to eat. Please read the rules!

Calvin & Hobbes Scans  (49 scans)

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Large/medium textures are single files and JPGs, icon sized textures are ZIP packages and PNGs.

Textures Black & White  (25 textures)
Textures Various  (27 textures)

Icon Sized
Texture Sets 100x100  (19 sets)

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Stock Images

All stock images are JPGs of various sizes, usally at least 1200x900. Some images can also be used as textures. The images are quite old and of rather low quality, but perhaps someone will still find them useful.

Stocks Scans  (29 stocks)
Stocks Objects  (44 stocks)
Stocks Patterns & Structures  (44 stocks)
Stocks Watercolour  (7 stocks)

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All my screencaps went the way of the Dodo when MegaUpload was closed down. It would take forever to re-upload them, and I don't even know where. Sorry about that. :o(

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